Residential Compost Pickup Service

Let us do the dirty work for you. Composting made simple, convenient, and affordable. Servicing all households, apartments, and condos.

Weekly and Bi-Weekly Services are available. Click below to learn more. 

Commercial Compost Pickup Service

All businesses, restaurants, school cafeterias, hotels, and commercial kitchens can divert their food scraps from the landfill. 

We make it easy, request a proposal below, and we will be in touch! 

Step 1

Once you sign up, we supply you with a clean 5 gallon bucket with an airtight lid. The bucket is lined with a compostable bag liner or a brown paper bag.

Step 2

We give you a detailed list of what goes in the bucket and what does not go in the bucket.

Step 3

You fill the bucket with all your food scraps ( yes, even meat, bones, seafood and dairy) and other items on the list that are acceptable.

Step 4

You set the bucket outside your door on pick up day and we exchange it with a clean and sanitized bucket and lid ready to repeat the process.

Why Compost?

There is no “away.” When organics are put into the trash can and hauled to the landfill to rot they produce methane gas. Methane gas plays a key role in the warming of our oceans and the depletion of our ozone layer. When you compost, you reduce methane production – which lessens your environmental impact – and produces a usable natural soil amendment.